Replacement Pregnancy Coach Sensor

Replacement Pregnancy Coach Sensor

Replacement Pregnancy Coach Sensor


When a pregnant woman sleeps supine (on her back), blood flow to her fetus can be obstructed (blocked). Studies have shown that pregnant women who sleep supine have an increased risk of stillbirth, fetal growth restriction, and other pregnancy complications.

This small lightweight sensor gently vibrates whenever you spend too long on your back, getting you to change position without fully waking you up. In a recent Mayo Clinic study, Pregnancy Coach Sensor reduced back sleep by an average of 80%. Without it, pregnant women average 1.5 hours of back sleep per night.

Special introductory price. Includes 1 year of subscription service.

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Return Policy

Get a full refund if returned within 60 days — return shipping label is included in the product box. Just stick it to the back of the product box and put the box into a mailbox.

Effective Alerts Guarantee

Wear the Pregnancy Coach Sensor your entire pregnancy and if we don't register any Effective Alerts, you can return it for a full refund.

To qualify for a refund, your Pregnancy Coach app must register at least 20 nights of 3+ hours of wear each with Vibrational Alerts enabled and it must register zero effective alerts during your pregnancy. An effective alert is a vibrational alert issued by the sensor after which you change your sleep position away from Flat Back.